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My new hand tattoo

My new hand tattoo

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Rodney has owned this Econo since he was 14, and 30 or so years later he’s pulled it out of the garage, tuned it up and is rolling with it again. He’s got plans to fix a few flaws in the body work, replace the windshield and repaint the whole rig.

He built it himself, with the help of his old friend Jay. He’s thinking of taking off the rear fender flares and going back to the original design: the original fender lip is still there, under the flared out one. Why didn’t they cut the fender lip way back when? For just a moment like this. The van is called “Knights in White Satin,” and is running a 302 and a C4.

The Vista Cruiser roof is just about perfect, and the interior upholstery on the gullwing door mirrors the roof upholstery perfectly. It’s a comfortable, fast, clean van that got thumbs up wherever we drove while we were looking for a place to shoot. As a mile-long train passed us by, from he locomotive we heard the engineer scream, “Nice VAN!”